Sticker IDs

Sticker IDs is a new game from Roxelle! The game centers around the concept of the creation and distribution of stickers to display on an ID card.

Getting Started

ID Card

This is an ID card. They are crucial because they are what will be used to display your current ranking and favorite owned stickers in the game. There are many colors of ID cards all of which have a light and dark variant.

To get started, select an ID card from here and open an image editor to put in your info along with an 87x87 icon. It is allowed, and even encouraged for you to use whatever color or font you want when filling out your profile boxes, but for those who want a more clean & simple look, the font is Microsoft Yi Baiti at 12px (antialiased) and the color is #7A7A7A for light ID users or #858585 for dark ID users.

Once you have an ID, email me so I can add you to my list. Then, it's time to get stickering! There are two methods of stickering, but only one will get you points to rank up in the game.

The first method is called 'sticker pasting' and is the only way to play the game. Players of the Sticker IDs game are called Sticker Pasters. To be a Sticker Paster, you must create stickers and collect them from other neocities sites. As you collect more stickers, you can display them in your stickerbook, a page on your site dedicated to the Sticker IDs game. In this stickerbook, you can display your stickers however you like, but the recommended way is to display them like one would 88x31 buttons or blinkies. Here's my stickerbook for reference. You must link back to the original creator of a sticker in some way shape or form. You could leave a hyperlink or link the image itself, but it is required that you give credit, or you could be removed from the game. On the top of your stickerbook page, it's also recommended, but not required, that you display your Sticker ID so people can see your rank, badges, and favorite stickers. But so long as your Sticker ID is present somewhere on your site, it doesn't have to be on your stickerbook page.

The second method, which will not allow you to rank up, is called 'free pasting'. In this method, you can fill your ID's sticker box with any gifs, images or non-ruleabiding stickers you choose for decoration to put on your neocities site. This method is not recommended because it is not apart of the game, it's just for decoration.

Remember: If you play Sticker IDs, you must link me somewhere in your stickerbook so more people can play!

Making Stickers

Princess PeachChat Noir
These are stickers. Stickers are meant to be 40x24 or 40x40 in size and displayed in the blank box below your icon on your ID card as well as your stickerbook. Stickers are required to
  1. Have a black border : only true black!! Nothing lighter.
  2. Be PG-13 : Look up the specifications if you dont know them.
  3. Be free with credit in a stickerbook.
You, however, are free to make changes such as: making the border dashed/dotted/decorated in any way, using any colors you wish inside the border, write or say anything you want on your stickers (so long as it's PG-13!), make your stickers into animated gifs, and distribute your stickers in any way (so long as you don't charge for them).

Note: If you do not wish to display your collected/created 40x24/40x40 stickers on your card, you may display them in your stickerbook and use your sticker section for drawings, pixels, messages, bios, etc. You will still rank up so long as you keep proper stickers in your stickerbook.

Getting Ranks

Sticker Baby Badge
This is a badge. It is indicative of your rank and displayed to the right of your stickers box on your Sticker ID. Ranks are achieved by collecting/creating and displaying stickers on your neocities site. You are expected to keep track of how many stickers you have and and who made them. There are currently ten possible ranks and four classes:
  1. Class : Coin
    i. Sticker Baby = >10 Stickers
    ii. Sticker Collector = 10 Stickers
    iii. Sticker Fan = 20 Stickers
  2. Class : Medal
    i. Sticker Boss = 30 Stickers
    ii. Sticker Champ = 50 Stickers
    iii. Sticker Fanatic = 60 Stickers
  3. Class : Ribbon
    i. Sticker Blitz = 70 Stickers
    ii. Sticker Cultivator = 80 Stickers
    iii. Sticker Frenzy = 99 Stickers
  4. Class : Star
    i. Sticker Star = 120 Stickers
Everytime you reach a milestone, you can email me with your ID card and a link to your stickerbook page so I can verify that you earned enough legal stickers, as well as put your badge on your card. You are not allowed to steal badges and paste them on your card. this wil get you removed from the game. Only I am allowed to put badges on cards.