Looking for some sick sites? Check these places out.

Link to Me

These are my 88x31 and 32x32 buttons for if you want to link my site. There's no requirement to use the buttons, but if you want to, here they are! Please, Tell me if link me so I can leave a link to you on my site as well.

My Friends!

These are my homies. Go send super nice messages to their guestbooks and look around their sites!! They worked really hard on them!

Webpage Goodies
Cyberpet Adopt Links OG 90's Cyberpets
Music Player Auto-player for your site
WO Site Counter Visitor counter
SC Site Statistics Site Stats Viewer
FC2 Site Counter Hit counter from FC2
Time Wasters
stupidstuff.org The ultimate time-sink
Microsoft Zone MSN's classic HTML games
Orb Farm A sand-dropper aquarium
Little Alchemy Discover elements by mixing them!
Graphics Makers
3dgifmaker.com Make 3D gifs in your browser!
Glitterboo.com Add sparkle to your images
Glowtext.com Make word art in your browser!
Textanim.com Fill text in with glitters and backgrounds
Pookatoo.com A gothic/fantasy word art maker
Glitterfy.com Add glitter overlays to your photos!
Picmix.com Make blingee style images (registration required)
3dtext2gif.com Make gifs out of 3D text online!
Pokecharms' Trainer Card Make custom trainer cards!
Stripe Generator Make custom stripe patterns for free!
da-lace.com Free lace graphics to add text to (check site nav for more makers)
Makesweet.com Make messages in 3D
Web Sozai/Materials
Aslan Sozai
English Version
Backgrounds, icons, and illustrations
Cat Aslan
English Version
Animated gifs for icons and emotes
English Version
Pixel icons, emotes, and dividers
Rakugaki A little bit of everything; icons, emotes, line, BGs
Show-B Forest
English Version
Icons, HP buttons, emotes, and lines!
Copycat List bullets, icons, lines, イラスト, and photography
English Version
イラスト, icons, blank buttons, and BGs
English Version
Pixels, illustrations, icons and lines
English Version
A bunch of cute illustrations and things for your HP!
English Version
Pixels, illustrations, icons, lines, and tables